YVERT is community. We don't only want to create content for you, but with you. We want to share your ideas and listen to your struggles. We want to find solutions together and inspire others. We want to give you a platform to showcase the work you have created.

Do you want to become part of the YVERT network? We are always looking for creatives that share our ethos and would like to contribute. 





If you want to publish something that you have already put together we would be delighted to share it. The only criteria are that the content is fashion and sustainability-related and that it sticks to our contemporary, creative and honest ethos.


Any creative work is welcome here, from photography to illustration, from collages to videos, anything you would like to share. All work shared is always fully credited on the platform and on social media. 


If you have an article with written content and imagery ready, please read the submission guidelines below before sending us an email. Otherwise, send us an email to with as many details of your content idea as possible and we will get back to you ASAP.






Do you like to write well-researched articles, conduct interviews and talk about sustainability in the fashion world? You’re in the right place; we are constantly producing new fashion content, interviewing people in the industry and preparing articles on informative topics that might interest the creatives that are part of our community. 

For this, we are looking for motivated writers that can help us inspire others to make a change. If you're interested, send us an email to with some work examples and a description as to why you would like to get involved.





Every month we prepare several editorials that are produced by YVERT. Here, we give creatives the chance to work together on a project that will be published on the platform. More information can be found on the Production page.


Want to join us on a production? Send us an email to with a clear description as to what it is you do and why you would like to work with us, together with a few examples of your work or a link to your portfolio. 






If you would like to publish an article or an editorial on our platform, please send an email with example images and your general idea. When sending us an initial email, please only send content in the form of a PDF or low-resolution JPEGs, please do not send download links. 


Please allow a week for us to respond, we will try to get back to you as soon as we can. 


When submitting editorial content:


Include all credits (team names, brands and products featured etc.)

Submit images in High Resolution and CMYK

Include a Story Title Proposal


When submitting an article:

Please ensure the article is a minimum of 500 words

Include all credits (team names, brands and products featured etc.)

Submit any images in 86 - 150dpi RGB, preferably US Letter size

Include a Story Title Proposal