After a year of hard work, endless research, and multiple breakdowns it is finally time to launch YVERT.

I must say, at first I was shaken by the prospect of launching during COVID-19. A lot of the initial launch content had to be postponed and quite a few plan Bs and Cs had to be created. But, what seemed absolutely terrifying and impossible two months ago, has now been proven very much possible and I am beyond excited to introduce you to YVERT.

FASHION // This is where all the amazing work of our creatives is showcased. A mix of informative and inspiring content, created by people who care about our planet and want to make a change.

WORK WITH US // If you would like to contribute and share your work, check out this page!

PRODUCTION // We create editorials for our platform in collaboration with like-minded creatives and offer production services for external companies. To find out more, check out this page.

BLOG // If you would like to hear more about my personal journey with sustainability, go and have a read here.

ABOUT // If you would like to know more about YVERT in general, go to this page and read all about our ethos, content, and community.

YVERT is a communal project, and right now, in these sad and isolating times, maybe that is exactly what people need. A sense of community, a sense of belonging.

I cannot wait to finally meet all the great people I have been working with remotely to make YVERT happen. There has been so much positive energy, so much support from fellow creatives, friends, colleagues, and even total strangers.

I think I've said enough. Let's start this exciting journey here and now, let's create together, let's inspire each other, and most of all, let's make a change together!

I am looking forward to meeting you all!

Vanessa Menrad

Creative Director & Founder


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