Starting a blog in 2018 is not the easiest thing to do.

So many things have already been done, so many ideas have already been realised. We live in a world where the Internet and Social Media offer endless variety for everything you could possibly think of.

I have been holding back for quite a while, and we all know how things go. The longer you wait, the harder it will get to eventually start. I would always find something else that I needed to do – ‘I have to do something for University, I have to go to work, I have to write applications for internships, I have to move house, I have to visit the family.’ And don’t even let me get started about the classic ‘and then life happens’. Cooking dinner, going food shopping, money worries, tidying and cleaning, meeting friends.

Finally, there would be my biggest enemy: procrastination.

I think I am safe to say that we all were the procrastinator at least once in our lives, sitting in our room (preferably the bed) and waiting for something – maybe a sign, or a kick of motivation – that will make us do what we so desperately need to get done. ‘Maybe I should make myself a cup of tea before I start’ and the occasional trip to the fridge are the best signs to know that you are currently avoiding something.

I am going to be honest here, my plan for this blog has never been good enough for me.

I am a perfectionist, which can be a gift as well as a curse. After 2 years of planning and trying to get started, I still wasn’t sure where the blog should go and if I was good enough to realise it. I worked full time over the summer and lost my motivation for writing completely. It was scaring me too much.

I put the idea aside, applied for internships and worked on my portfolio. I directed all my energy towards university and placement year, which is not a bad thing at all. But when all of that is done, what next?

Set yourself a goal that leads to happiness.

A couple of weeks ago, I made a decision. I had just declared war to the winter low that had been catching up with me over the last years, (I will write about that more in-depth) when I realised that I had found my sign, my kick of motivation. I had set myself a goal that I would have to reach for my own happiness. I needed something to keep me busy in the cold winter months (apart from job and friends of course) and I knew I wanted to write. So why not finally start the blog?

Grow with the experience.

Another thing I had to accept is that I cannot wait for the perfect content to be created. Every time I would sit down and write, I would come to the conclusion ‘this is sh***, I can’t publish that’. But the key is to think about it as practice, not a final piece. Share your work, even if it’s just with your friend. Be brave, the worst that can happen is that someone tells you what you could do better (which is a good thing, I promise). How else would you find out how you can get better?

I always wanted to have a platform to share. My journey starts here, who knows where the hell it will go, but at least I know it’s going somewhere.

Love Vanessa x



photography//Max Purvis.