I am very excited about this editorial, as I finally purchased my first ever boiler suit.

I didn’t just get it from anyone, but from Ilk+Ernie, a very colourful Brighton based label, designed by the amazing Jess McCleave. 

When the latest collection came out, I immediately fell in love with this suit. Honestly, a match made in heaven. Ilk+Ernie’s unique and vibrant designs will brighten up your day, I promise. To explain the ethical and sustainable aspect of the company, I thought I’d tell you a little about the brand and what it stands for.

There are quite a few levels of sustainable and ethical sourcing.

Just because something is labelled as ethical doesn’t necessarily mean it is equally sustainable. Another common misunderstanding would be taking something that is marked as vegan and assuming it is ethically or sustainably made. All of these definitions are very complex and have many different meanings to them.

It is always good to check what a brand means with ‘we are an ethical company’ or ‘we produce sustainable products’. I personally want to make sure that if I buy an item, I know how it’s produced – and if I share it with you, I explain how the company works and why it is good (or bad) to buy from them.

Ilk+Ernie is one of the brands I love writing about.

Currently, there are three women’s collections out, and all the products are sustainably and ethically made. But now, what exactly does that mean? In this case, we have two aspects; ethical and sustainable production. From the ethical side, we are talking about working conditions (human rights). The production team based in India are paid fairly with EU standard working hours, breaks, holiday pay and most importantly a safe working environment. Jess also makes sure that the workers are properly insured, and that money is put towards their children’s education.

For the sustainable aspect, we are usually talking about environmental factors. In this case, it is less about the production process, but the sourcing of the material used. The clothes are made from waste fabrics that other companies have left behind. If you have watched ‘The True Cost’, you know how serious the fashion waste situation is (if you haven’t, please watch it, it is a super important film).

Fashion is the second biggest waste-producing industry in the world, and there are a lot of opportunities to help change that. Seeing that someone makes something so beautiful out of what other companies mark as trash is just amazing.

If you’re not in love yet, go and have a look at all the designs on the Ilk+Ernie website. The looks are so unique that you will most definitely stand out. Just always keep in mind, if you buy something, make sure you will actually wear and appreciate it for a long time. We don’t need more Fashion waste on our precious planet. I will soon be publishing a post about how to buy consciously and what I changed in my own habits to start a more timeless and environment-friendly wardrobe.

I hope you enjoyed the first fashion feature!



boiler suit//Ilk+Ernie

shoes//Dr. Martens

watch//Daniel Wellington

rings&necklace//Lane Market Brighton