I have recently read a fair bit about criticism towards fashion bloggers.

Several points have been made that I can’t disagree with, which puts me in an awkward spot regarding my own work. I started thinking about where I would position myself in the online world of fashion.

I only follow a select few bloggers nowadays, and I choose those with the idea of blogs being inspiring, informative and entertaining. My most important mantra when I look through my Instagram is to avoid show-offs, it doesn’t nurture us in any way. If anything it makes us feel worse, no one needs that negative energy in their lives.

Reading a blog should be fun, it should encourage, help see things from a new perspective and tell stories. For these reasons, I think it is very important for me to go a little bit more in-depth about what I am trying to achieve with MY blog and share my intentions with you.

Last year I decided I wanted to change certain things in my life.

I went on a vegan diet, stopped aimlessly ordering from any cheap online store there is and began to look out for what I was buying. Through university and the internet, I learned about mass production, plastic waste and fast fashion. Straight away I felt guilty – guilty for having my eyes closed for too long. It was about time to change something.

So here I was, all motivated and ready to get going. But once I had started to look into ‘it’ (and with it I mean everything I could find that is killing our planet) I realised quite quickly how toxic this world had become and how unbelievably difficult it would be to tackle everything at once.

So, where go from there?

Some of you might say now; why not Google it? Well, let me tell you, I did. And it was overwhelming. I must admit, it stressed me out even more. Once you start digging into such an intense and far-reaching topic, you can get lost so easily. It’s literally like googling your symptoms and then diagnosing yourself with the most dramatic search result. We’ve all been there. As you could expect, I could not find a simple solution.

Suddenly, there were so many layers to the topic. There was ethical sourcing and ethical producing, there were natural fibre fabrics and vegan clothing, there was the environmental footprint and the fair trade. If something was without animal products, it might still have a massive environmental footprint- if something was ethically made, it might have been made from animal products. The whole sustainable living thing suddenly seemed like its own science.

After what feels like months of thinking, my final solution was: I had to take the pressure off of myself. I decided that there was no realistic way I could just suddenly change my whole life and expect the environment to transform with me. And let’s be real everyone: I am no expert on these grounds, I am only human.

It’s going to be an interesting journey, that’s for sure. I put together a little preview on what you can expect within the blog:


I will be talking about brand and shop recommendations, especially for ethical, vegan and/or (no pressure here) sustainable clothing. I will also include markets (we all love a flea market) and second-hand shopping. I am planning on curating a sustainable and timeless wardrobe, which will be an interesting journey I look forward to documenting. Additionally, I am planning to talk about the fashion industry, share my Fashion Week experiences, and how it is to intern and study.


In the beauty world I want to share my opinions on products that are cruelty-free, vegan and/or fair trade (still no pressure, we don’t have to tackle everything at once). This will also include make-up, although I must warn you, I am not a massive make-up buyer (still using my 2016 blush, who feels me?) I also want to try and make some products myself, to experiment with natural ingredients and recycled packaging. It might go very wrong which could be a good laugh.


That usually includes travel, which I will share – If I can afford to go anywhere. Travelling could also be interesting for food-related information, especially for all the vegans out there. Another thing that I will try to cover is more general sustainability like how to cut waste, which Tupperware or water bottle to use and whatever else I test and want to tell you about.


Probably my favourite category, on the blog and in life. I want to share recipes with you, anything that I think is worth sharing – maybe my favourite beans on toast recipe (I am tempted). I might also share my process of planning meals, what I buy and how I organise at some point – a very loose idea. And then, of course, food places that I tested and would recommend. Also snacks! Almost forgot the snacks, shame on me. Just anything food-related.

These are just some ideas from my planning and from mood boards, so see them as loose ideas with the potential to grow. If you have any suggestions or would like me to write about anything specific, let me know. As I currently work full time, I am aiming to do one to two posts per month for now, with the potential for more if I find the time.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it and are looking forward to what’s to come.

Love V xxx