The Fashion Edit is a series curated by YVERT, inviting our community to share their personal wardrobe journeys.

Home-made imagery, accompanied by a comment on the story of the garment, allows creatives to share and inspire. To launch this series, our Creative Director, Vanessa shared a couple of garments she cherishes and told their story:

First of all, how did this series come about? As you may be aware, I started the YVERT journey right before the outbreak of the pandemic. I had collaborative content planned with some amazing creatives. When the lockdown was announced in the UK, I had to come up with a Plan B. All content for the launch had to be created from home, and without the company of others.

While rambling about in the house, trying to find ideas for alternative content, I began to look at my own clothes a little closer. There was something very thrilling about sitting down and thinking about the journey of a garment you own. I came up with the idea to photograph clothing I define as timeless – things I know I will keep as long as they last – and write little paragraphs on them.

Our world is filled with the mentality to buy an item of clothing for the sake of having it. Trends come and go as fast as the daily news. Throw away culture is the norm. What we should crave is the need for a garment we will love, appreciate and wear longer than a month. So here we are, the Fashion Edit Series is born, where people can share clothes that might not be this week’s trend but are precious and timeless.

The White Blouse

The first garment I would like to talk about is a white vintage blouse that I received as a birthday present last year by my friend Marie.

We met in Berlin, where we lived together in a small apartment near Friedrichshain. We shared a passion for second-hand fashion and vintage treasures, and she knew I was on the lookout for a white blouse.

As she told me later, she had bought it in a charity slash vintage store called Humana in Berlin (if you ever go to Berlin, you know where to go).

Little did she know that this present was going to become a key item in my wardrobe.

I instantly fell in love with the blouse, the details were subtle yet so elegant and the oversized fit was a win.

I was amazed by the condition of the garment; it was as if no one had ever worn it before. However, I did carry out minor adjustments over time: When I received the blouse, it had shoulder pads sewn in, which wasn’t really my look so I carefully cut them out.

I have treasured this blouse ever since receiving it; I have worn it so many times to so many different occasions. So, thank you, Marie!

The Beige Blouse

When I was younger, I always had this insecurity about my style. I would change my look every few weeks because I thought I had finally found the real me.

As I didn’t have much money available, I would shop cheap (in some very questionable shops). Am I proud of it? No. Did it teach me a lesson? Not at the time… I didn’t even know the word sustainability existed at that point in my life. What can I say, it was a dark time of my life as a consumer.

So, as you might have already guessed, the second blouse I am featuring was bought in that phase of my life (it was purchased in an H&M store).

Back then I might have worn it once or twice, and then decided very quickly it wasn’t ‘my thing’. However, I did not throw it, I hung it on a hanger in my wardrobe, where it stayed for years and years.

Until last year, when I visited my family and decided to have a look through some of my old gems. And there it was: a perfectly new beige cropped blouse, the perfect addition to my wardrobe (that is filled with high-waisted bottoms).


Would you like to create a Fashion Edit? If you want to tell a story about your garments, feel free to send us an email to and we will get back to you as soon as we can. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to participate, we want you to have fun and get creative on a home-made level.

We are looking forward to hearing all your stories and seeing your beautiful clothes.


photography&styling//Vanessa Menrad