Last year, around this time, I was writing notes into my journal on what I wanted to do with my future. What do I want to reach? Who do I want to work for? Where do I want to be?

I was on my last internship of my placement year and I started to think about the more serious things in life that happen after university. So I did what many millennials do in such situations; through writing in my journal, I wanted to establish what my career would look like, or rather what I wanted it to look like.

Many creatives might relate to this; I cannot only do one thing for a long period of time. I constantly want to learn more skills, create new challenges and adapt my objectives. Therefore, as you might imagine, that journal entry looked more like a bunch of random ingredients than a clear recipe.

'Something about sustainability' - even though quite vague, was the only consistent note that stood out. I knew I wanted to make an impact somehow, but did not know how. I mean, how can a single person make a change in an industry as big as fashion? This was not going to be a one-woman show, that was for sure. That is something I have come to understand during my time at university: you cannot do everything yourself and expect perfection; it is okay to let others help you to communally create something special.

I also didn't want to design something just for myself, I wanted to support others and for others to support me - I wanted people to support each other. The aim was to create a network of like-minded people that can work together, share their work, and get inspired by each other. So here we are, launching a platform which works exactly like that.

Now, you might be wondering where the hell did the name YVERT come from? This name has accompanied me on my path towards sustainability and has now become the centre of my future. It all started with Vert, a brand I created for my portfolio when I applied for university. Vert was my very first encounter with sustainability, and the first time I questioned the way I was consuming.

A year later in my first year of university, I created a sub-brand for Saint Laurent called Yvert as part of an assignment, which was a mix of the Yves and Vert. This was when I started analysing the different aspects of sustainability. I started separating economic and ethical aspects and looked at supply chains. The brand would use a mix of recycled and innovative fabrics, which led me to research the difference between recycled and primary materials, and how to source them sustainably.

All this research was the base for my future interest in responsible consuming, something that has gained importance throughout my more recent work. After testing several names, I made the decision to transfer the name YVERT to my current project, as I loved the dynamic of the word and I liked the idea of having a reminder that this journey is ongoing.

YVERT symbolises the importance of the ongoing journey we have to take to make a change.

Lastly, I would like to talk about the YVERT Blog - where you are right now. In my second year of university, I created a blog where I could share personal stories and my view on the sustainable world. I enjoy writing informal articles and I want to continue doing so. That's why I created a blog space on the new platform, starting with curated posts from the original blog, so you can follow my journey through the world of sustainability (including all the struggles).

I want to thank everyone who has supported me through this journey and helped me get to this point and beyond. I am looking forward and cannot wait to get inspired, inspire others, collaborate, and meet like-minded individuals.

Love, V x



dress//People Tree


rings left//Vintage

rings right//Brighton Market

article//Edited by Chloe Payne